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January is National Train Your Dog Month! Our Behaviour department offers a variety of training classes right here at the Winnipeg Humane Society. From puppy manners, to basic obedience, to even learning new tricks – there is a class for all dogs in all stages of life. Plus, they run all year long!

Here are 6 benefits of training your dog – for both you and your pup!

1. It Builds Up Your Dog’s Confidence
When you train your dog using positive reinforcement, it teaches them that making decisions and engaging with you and the environment earns them good things, like treats and praise.  Your dog will then be more open to new experiences as they are positive and rewarding!

2. You Will Create a Stronger Bond Between You and Your Dog
As you spend time together, you create boundaries, learn about each other, and share positive experiences; this will build a trusting, respectful bond that will last a lifetime! You’ll also have a companion that you’ll be able to trust since you’ve spent time ensuring that they behave appropriately.

3. Working On Training Your Dog Helps to Reduce Unwanted or Unpleasant Behaviour
Since you and your dog will have a better bond and know how to communicate with each other, it is easier to set boundaries for what is and isn’t allowed. Regular training sessions work your dog physically and mentally in a positive way, providing stimulation and attention which helps to prevent behaviour concerns.

4. With Proper Training, You Will Increase Your Pup’s Sociability
As your dog learns boundaries and how to behave appropriately in social settings, other people and dogs will feel more comfortable as well. This will result in more positive experiences for you and your dog!

5. Training Increases Safety
Ensuring your pet listens to your cues can prevent it from experiencing potential conflict with other dogs or animals, running into a busy road, or generally harming itself in hazardous situations. Additionally, you’ll probably learn how to better understand your dog, and be able to prevent future concerns, such as resource guarding!

6. Makes It Easier for Pet Professionals to Work With Your Dog
Dogs whose owners have worked on handling exercises and training usually have better vet and grooming visits, which makes the experience better for both the groomer or vet and your pet!