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There are some changes happening within our Education Department that we are very excited to share with the community!

As with any WHS program, we review the success, return on investment, and overall engagement to determine how we move forward. The pandemic has had quite the impact on the Education Department and our ability to deliver in-person programming (such as Birthday Parties, See Spot Read, Tours & Fieldtrips, WHS in Your School, and more). Based on the impact of the pandemic, we sat down to really assess our goals and where we wanted to take our department moving forward.

We collectively decided to focus on the programs that were doing really well, which brings us to the following changes…

For the Education Department structure and programming, we will be focusing primarily on:


All other Education programs will be cancelled, including Birthday Parties, Tours & Field Trips, Kidz Club Membership, Drop-In Centre, and third party facilitated Workshops.

In addition, we will also be making changes to our WHS In Your School Presentations, now named Empathy for All Living Thing, as we will now be offering the following presentations:

  1. Safe Interactions
  2. Intelligence
  3. Basic and Emotional Needs
  4. Personal Space
  5. Conflict
  6. Relationships
  7. Stress & Emotions
  8. Selfcare of People and Animals
  9. Loss & Grief

We appreciate all your support throughout these changes, and we look forward to seeing all your faces this coming school year! 😊


The Education Department