Captive Snakes: Why Misconceptions Matter

**THE SNAKE HAS SINCE BEEN CAUGHT** An 8 foot long snake is still at large after being spotted in Fort Rouge over the weekend. This is the second instance of a captive snake being spotted in Winnipeg, when a sighting of a python-like snake was reported in August 2020, yet never located by officials.  Many members of the public do not condone roaming animals on their property regardless of species. For others, the thought of accidentally encountering such a large snake is terrifying, regardless of how harmless the snake might be. We at the Winnipeg Humane Society believe that all … Continued

2021 April MVP: WHS Animal Transport Team (Bruce Vokey, David Sain, Theresa Gerelus & Ted Wakefield)

The members of the Winnipeg Humane Society’s Transportation team are a phone call away but the gratitude they receive from the animals for which they care is fair compensation. The team’s four volunteers – Bruce Vokey, David Sain and married couple Theresa Gerelus and Ted Wakefield – pick up rescue dogs from the Winnipeg and St. Andrews airports and deliver them to the WHS clinic for care and, eventually, adoption. “The WHS partners with several remote communities and rescues in Manitoba to identify, transport and provide vet care and shelter to remote pets in need,” explained Dr. Gina Bowen, WHS … Continued

Volunteer Suzanne with a furry WHS friend.

CEO Blog: On Leaving a Legacy…

May is Leave a Legacy Month: this month always feels extra celebratory to me. Over the years we have had many donors leave their legacy in support of our shelter animals – by leaving a gift or bequest to the Winnipeg Humane Society in your will, you are supporting our community of animals, and the people who care for them for generations to come. When I try to imagine what our organization will look like in 10-15 years, how we have advanced and grown the scope of our care, our dreams are limitless – please consider being a part of … Continued

2021 March MVP: Eve Finnbogason, Adoption Team

When lawyer Eve Finnbogason moved back to Winnipeg in late 2008 after retiring, one of the things she wanted to do was sign up to volunteer at the Winnipeg Humane Society. It didn’t take her long. By early 2009 she was volunteering as a Cat Adoption Assistant, where she’s been for over a dozen years. “It was something I always wanted to do but never had the time. It’s been an excellent volunteer gig. I’ve done a lot of volunteer work over my career, but this I’ve done for purely personal reasons, and it’s been great. The best part is … Continued

CEO Blog: Paws In Motion and Highlighting our Programs

Hi All, It’s been just a few months since I have started my new life as your CEO – in some ways everything still feels new, but I am feeling at home, and getting my groove in the new role… I’ll take that as a win! March was a busy month with 1001 Donations, with over $140,000 raised in support of our shelter animals, and we are now gearing up for Paws in Motion – 2021 style. For over 26 years, Paws in Motion has been Manitoba’s largest celebration of pets and the pandemic will not stop it. This year, … Continued

Canada’s Egg Industry: Meet Pearl and her Survivors

Pearl is an egg laying hen with severe feather loss and quite the tale to tell.  Pearl and four other hens were found clinging to life, on top of thousands of already dead hens at the Brady landfill on April 1st, 2021, approaching Easter Weekend.  The hens were spotted by kind-hearted workers who alerted The Good Place: Farm Rescue & Sanctuary. To understand why Pearl was discarded at the dump, despite being fully conscious, it is important to first acknowledge some of standard procedures and policies within industrialized egg laying barns.  In such barns, including free run barns, it is … Continued

Benefits of WHS Pet Therapy Program Both Physical and Mental

Did you know that we run a Pet Therapy Program? The Education Department has been running the Pet Therapy Program for a few years now. We have an amazing group of volunteers and their dog ambassadors that help us facilitate the sessions that are booked. So, what is the Pet Therapy Program? Pet Therapy is an animal-assisted program using WHS behaviour assessed dogs to provide affection and comfort to people with a variety of needs and conditions who would benefit from the support and attention of a trained animal. What are the benefits of pet therapy? There are two major … Continued

2021 February MVP: Steve and Rosalie Larocque

Steve Larocque was hospitalized for an extended time 2020, just as the pandemic was beginning its rounds. Steve put his time in hospital to good use, and many cats from the Winnipeg Humane Society have benefitted from it, as many more will in the years to come. The Larocques decided to make a big-time commitment to fostering animals on behalf of the WHS. They had fostered both dogs and cats before, but now Steve was putting his carpentry and furniture finishing skills (he finishes furniture as a business) to good use, converting a spare room in their house into a … Continued

Ag-Gag Legislation Has Come To Manitoba. Can You Help Us Stop It?

Breaking News: The Manitoba Government has publicly released new proposed legislation, which target animal lovers and advocates from witnessing, documenting and exposing cruelty towards farm animals within our province. Specifically, Bill 62 and Bill 63 seek to make it an illegal offense for Manitobans to not only document farm animals during transportation, but to bear witness to all livestock in transport trucks, production facilities and slaughterhouses. With horses classified as livestock within our province, such stipulations will likely also apply to all premises where horses are raised, transported and exported. Time and again, photojournalists, whistleblowers, and concerned animal lovers have … Continued

CEO Blog: Hello and 1001 Donations

Dear Partners, As we launch 1001 Donations presented by the Vickar Automotive Group, and I continue my first few weeks in my tenure as the CEO of this fabulous organization, thoughts of gratitude and gratefulness seep through my veins. This is the first of what I hope to be a monthly CEO touch base with you all here on the WHS blog. I’m excited to share what’s going on at the shelter, the latest in animal welfare issues and my priorities and projects as CEO. March is a pretty busy month around here as our 1001 Donations campaign kicks off … Continued