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The Winnipeg Humane Society protects animals from suffering and promotes their welfare and dignity – including Manitoba wildlife.

Encountering a raccoon

In most towns and cities, Manitoba Conservation cannot keep up with the overwhelming number of raccoon complaints. A homeowner can do a number of things to help themselves in most cases.

  • Do not feed, disturb, or handle the raccoon. Do not handle the animal’s young either. Mother raccoons are usually nearby and can be viciously protective.
  • If the raccoon is causing a problem, contact your local animal control office, company, or the nearest Manitoba Conservation District Office.
  • Raccoons may not be kept as pets in Manitoba. People who do so risk injury from the animal and prosecution by Manitoba Conservation.
  • If you are injured (bitten, scratched, etc.) seek immediate medical attention. If your pet is injured, seek immediate veterinary attention.
  • Raccoon feces should be cleaned up using proper materials to avoid personal contamination (shovels, disposable rubber gloves, string disinfectants, etc.). The feces should be buried or sent securely to a landfill. Treat all contaminated areas and tools with disinfectant.
  • If immediate help is not available with a raccoon in a closed space, a property owner can:
    • Place bright lights, a loud radio, and/or employ repellents in/near the area to drive the animal out.
    • If the raccoon is caught in a chimney/stovepipe, drop a rope down to allow it to climb out; bright lights and a loud radio will encourage the raccoon to leave. Afterwards, cap the chimney/stovepipe once the animal is gone.
  • Wildlife Haven is not equipped to handle raccoons as they carry a fatal roundworm that can be transmitted to humans. If more information is needed, call Wildlife Haven.
  • All raccoons must be referred to Manitoba Conservation (204-945-5221).

Where to drop off wild life

Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre: 204-878-3740 OR info@wildlifehaven.ca
Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre: 204-510-1855 OR pwrcentre@gmail.com