Benefits of WHS Pet Therapy Program Both Physical and Mental | Winnipeg Humane Society
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Did you know that we run a Pet Therapy Program? The Education Department has been running the Pet Therapy Program for a few years now. We have an amazing group of volunteers and their dog ambassadors that help us facilitate the sessions that are booked.

So, what is the Pet Therapy Program?

Pet Therapy is an animal-assisted program using WHS behaviour assessed dogs to provide affection and comfort to people with a variety of needs and conditions who would benefit from the support and attention of a trained animal.

What are the benefits of pet therapy?

There are two major benefits to pet therapy and those are physical and mental.


  • can lower blood pressure,
  • releases endorphins which have a calming effect on the body,
  • the act of petting produces a relaxation response.


  • lifts spirits,
  • decreases feelings of isolation,
  • provides comfort,
  • can help decrease anxiety.

How much does it cost for a session?

Sessions are an hour long and cost $45.

To book your session, email or phone the Education Department at 204-982-2046.