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Happy Holidays! As we plan celebrations and reflect on the last year and all that we are grateful for, it’s important to remember there are animals and people in our community struggling. The more our community needs us, the more we grow and expand in our operations to meet those needs.

We are transitioning from a medium-sized organization to a large operation, with our annual operating budget inching closer to $10M, with the increasing demand for our services. This is why we need your help so desperately.

Our shelter is full, and shelters across the country are experiencing the same perils. Many people are simply looking for their next meal – the opportunity to feed themselves and their companion animals without struggle. This is just one of the many areas we try to offer our support to the community.

Let me tell you about Sadia and Sharukh. They volunteer their time as WHS Emergency Pet Food Bank Drivers, collecting and distributing pet food for families in need, food that you have donated, and food bought with donor dollars you have generously chosen to give to the WHS. Every month, Sadia and Sharukh load up their car and deliver much needed pet supplies to families who need a helping hand.

These two heroes, plus countless others have delivered food to 2080 families this year, keeping furry bellies full and pets in their homes and out of the shelter. We can’t do this work without you, and we can’t do it without them. Please be a hero to an animal today, and help feed animal companions in their homes this holiday season. Your donation goes towards programs like the Emergency Pet Food Bank, which helps so many furry friends. We are grateful for you, as you grow with us to ensure we can be the best us for Manitoba.

Click here to DONATE today or call 204-982-2041.

With love and compassion,

Jessica Miller