CEO Blog: The State of Shelter Life at the Winnipeg Humane Society | Winnipeg Humane Society
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Dear Supporters and Friends,

As we move into Fall with the leaves in full colour change and the cold breeze moving in, it’s time we give you another update on shelter life at the Winnipeg Humane Society.

You’ve likely heard that our surrender calls are on the rise, the shelter has been very full, and we have a waiting list of animals to come in.

The ebbs and flows of the economy, war, inflation, and difficulties in staffing across market affects everyone, and when the grip tightens on society, it tightens on us.

With that said, we are here and strong, and have been fluid in our operations to ensure we are able to act when the community and its animals need us.

This Fall, our Behavior classes have been increased by 47%! What that means is we are dedicated to making sure you have access to the training required to happily co-exist with your companion in your home.

Our Behaviour Department has also been answering a significant number of Helpline calls and emails; we are happy to report we have seen success in providing training resources as a diversion program to help animals and their people grow together – this means less surrenders and more happy endings.

We continued our work Manitoba’s remote and urban communities to help maintain population control and overall animal health before animals ever needed to come into shelter. Hundreds of dogs and cats received vaccinations, deworming, spay and neutering, and implants to manage population control through the winter.

The Intake Department was flooded with requests and worked with individuals to offer the appropriate resources to see many return to owner scenarios; they also searched and scoured for many new Barn Buddies partners/dwellings with success, to ensure more live outcomes for semi-feral cats.

And of course, we cannot forget about the Adoptions Department who never flinched at the high numbers – they had many successful adoption events, and worked long days, evenings, and weekends to make the right match. Our adoption numbers are now as high as they were in 2019, the highest in three years!

As we head into the colder winter months, we will take the pulse on the needs of our community and bring fluidity into our operations yet again.

As you likely know, October is the LAST month to support our One Great Lottery, which of course supports all the work mentioned above. The importance of this lottery is difficult to put into words. Having creative revenue streams as the economy changes, plus continuous donor giving, is key. Please purchase a ticket before our final deadline on October 31 to support our team, our animals, and their work.

With love and compassion,

Jessica Miller