Helping the Animals of Manitoba’s Wildfires | Winnipeg Humane Society
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Photo Credit: Manitoba Animal Alliance

With over 130 active wildfires burning across the province, Pauingassi, Little Grand Rapids, Berens River, and Bloodvein First Nations have been completely evacuated due to smoke and power outages. Most people were required to leave their pets in their community when they were evacuated; free-roaming community dogs are also left behind. Without guardians, these animals have limited access to food and water, making them especially vulnerable during this time.

The Winnipeg Humane Society is working hard to assist in any capacity we can and to fill the gap concerning the much-needed care for these animals during disaster relief efforts by local government.

  • PetSmart Charities of Canada has kindly allowed us to use COVID-19 pet food funds to be diverted to wildfire relief.
  • We are collaborating with local rescues, Manitoba Animal Alliance, Frontline K9 Community Outreach and Save A Dog Network Canada by purchasing pet food and contributing pet food donations to be left for the animals in evacuated communities.
  • We are preparing emergency intake and boarding for animals who were able to be evacuated by their owners, local rescues, or community leadership. Monetary donations to the WHS will support these efforts.
  • Our WHS Clinic is being prepped for sick or injured dogs needing emergent care. Monetary donations to the WHS will support these efforts.
  • We have set up a drop off bin for pet food and 4L clean and empty ice cream bucket (for water) donations outside the shelter at 45 Hurst Way. These will be transported to Northern Communities in need.

If you would like to contribute to wildfire relief efforts, please consider donating to the following local rescues who are working tirelessly to directly help animals impacted by the fires:

Manitoba Animal Alliance: e-transfer to

Feed The Furbabies Canada: e-transfer to / Paypal:

Save a Dog Network Canada: e-transfeer or Paypal to