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With the new school year having just arrived, we wanted to highlight our awesome new programs!

Our Empathy for All Living Things series (formerly known as WHS In Your School) has added some new presentations to the mix!

The presentations we now offer are:

  • Basic and Emotional Needs
  • Conflict
  • Intelligence
  • Loss and Grief
  • Personal Space
  • Relationships
  • Safe Interactions
  • Selfcare of People and Animals
  • Stress and Emotion

The best part about our new presentations, is that they can be modified to any age group!

If the idea of having a presentation isn’t for you but are you’re still wanting to spend time with a furry friend, we offer our Animal Companionship Program!

Our Animal Companionship Program (formerly know as Pet Therapy) is a perfect way to help the students get through the stress of going back to school. We can come out to your school with one of our behaviour-assessed Dog Ambassadors and spend an hour taking in all the cuteness!

Last but certainly not least, we wanted to highlight our See Spot Read Program. See Spot Read runs for 10 weeks here at the shelter. We run a fall, winter, and spring session every year. Students will spend 30 minutes reading to our dog ambassadors and then spend the remaining 30 minutes doing a fun literacy activity. The goal of the program is to help students build their confidence with reading. Oh, and did we mention that the program is completely free of charge?

For more information about our programs, check out our website.

We are wishing everyone a safe and fun school year!


The Education Department