Veterinarians too: Winnipeg Humane Society launches Welcome Home Program | Winnipeg Humane Society
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Pets need a veterinarian in the same way a human needs a doctor or dentist.

A new Winnipeg Humane Society program aims to connect you – new adopters – with a local veterinarian. The Welcome Home Program sets up your pet with a veterinarian, a crucial point of contact in your pet’s growth and development.

Each year the WHS adopts over 4,000 pets to people across Manitoba and many of these individuals do not have a pre-existing relationship with a veterinarian. The Welcome Home Program introduces new adopters with participating veterinary clinics and provides them with a free consultation appointment within the first four weeks of adoption.

“You wouldn’t go your entire life without visiting a medical professional and neither should your pet,” says Kyle Jahns, WHS Communications Coordinator. “Our pets can’t tell us how they feel, so visiting your vet for a check-up is essential in maintaining their health and preventing any medical ailments in the future.”

During the adoption process the new adopter is presented with a list of participating clinics offering a free consultation – a list the WHS hopes will eventually include all clinics in Manitoba. Additionally, the pet owner is now introduced to a local veterinarian to contact should their pet experience any injuries or illness in their lifetime.

To date, 22 veterinary clinics are registered for the Welcome Home Program with hopes of increasing enrollment. If you’d like to sign up your clinic for the Welcome Home Program, please click here.

Clinics participating in the Welcome Home Program:

  • Anderson Animal Hospital
  • Animal Hospital of Manitoba
  • Birchwood Animal Hospital
  • Catrysse Veterinary Services
  • Dakota Veterinary Hospital
  • Henderson Animal Hospital
  • Linden Ridge Animal Hospital
  • McPhillips Animal Hospital
  • Regent Ave Veterinary Clinic
  • Sage Creek Animal Hospital
  • Sherbrook Animal Hospital
  • St. Norbert Animal Hospital
  • St. Vital Animal Hospital
  • Tuxedo Animal Hospital
  • Winkler Vet Clinic
  • Gladstone Veterinary Clinic
  • Brandon Animal Clinic
  • Healing from Within Homeopathic Veterinary Services
  • Hudson Reykdal Veterinary Services
  • St. Francois Xavier Animal Hospital
  • Selkirk Veterinary Services
  • Minnedosa Veterinary Clinic