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How Your Donations Help

Every donation, no matter how big or small, plays a big role in supporting animals in need. How do your donations help? Read below.

Did you know…

That caring for an animal from their time in intake until adoption (with no extra medical issues) costs:

– On average $200 per cat

– On average $400 per dog

You can help an animal currently in our care by considering a donation for one of the following:

– $10 – Pays for a vaccine

– $30 – Pays for a heartworm test

– $45 – Pays for training aids for a week

– $35-50 – Pays for one cat spay/neuter

– $75-85 – Pays for one dog spay/neuter

– $85 – Pays for one dog Kuranda bed

– $100 – Pays for dental cleaning or two x-rays

– $150 – Pays for cat litter for a week

– $200 – Pays for the average cost of care for a cat

– $400 – Pays for the average cost of care for a dog