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Foster an Animal

Fostering is an incredibly rewarding volunteer opportunity to help a shelter animal who needs a temporary home, right now.

Animals Awaiting Foster

Foster Parent Application

Call 204-982-2049 or email us for more information

Michelle Hedin foster volunteer with cat

How it works

We provide all the supplies you need until the animal can be returned to the shelter for adoption. You provide a shelter animal with a temporary home. The necessary requirements are to have a separate room (spare room, laundry room, bathroom, etc.) to quarantine the foster animal from other animals in your home and a vehicle to transport the foster pet to and from the shelter as needed.

If you live outside Winnipeg, you can still foster for us, if you’re able to transport your foster pets into the city for check-ups and supplies.

Things you should know before fostering

Animals who need foster care

  • Moms and babies (cats and dogs)
  • Orphaned kittens or puppies
  • Cats and dogs with minor injuries
  • Dogs that don’t “show” well in a shelter atmosphere and need to be adopted through fostering
  • Cats and dogs that just need a break from the shelter

Behaviour Foster

Behaviour Fosters will provide a home environment for dogs and monitor what the canine’s behaviour is like in a home setting. These fosters will report the dog’s behaviour back to the WHS which helps potential adopters learn more.

Behaviour Fosters:

  • Must have previous dog experience.
  • Complete four obedience classes with WHS Behaviour Instructors OR have attended a WHS obedience class with their own dog.
  • Commit to an extended foster period and work closely with the Behaviour Department to determine the duration of stay.
  • Work closely with the Behaviour Department to decide which dog is best suited to their household based on any children or resident pets.

To learn more about the program or become a Behaviour Foster, please contact the Behaviour Department at 204-988-8808 or email


You may also be interested in our SafePet program, which helps individuals leaving abusive partners by providing temporary housing for their pets.


Foster Resources


#WHSTips: How to Put on a Demi Harness

#WHSTips: How to Put on an Easy Walk Harness

#WHSTips: How to Put Your Cat in a Carrier

#WHSTips: How to Use a Gentle Leader

#WHSTips: For Dealing with Mild Resource Guarding

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Litterbox Training and Problems

Using a Head Halter


Foster Mentors

We have a Foster Mentorship program, so that more senior fosters can assist newer fosters with the process and assessments.

Foster Mentor Check 1 (within 24 hours of receiving their animal(s)

Foster Mentor Check 2 (2-3 days after pick-up)

Foster Mentor Check 3 (2-3 days before spay/neuter surgery or foster return date)

Foster Mentor Check 4 (1-2 days after return of foster animal)