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Special Needs Volunteer Placements

Are you or your agency looking for a volunteer placement for a client with a physical, mental or special disability?

Volunteers at The Winnipeg Humane Society must have the qualifications, skills and the ability to work safely and independently in their volunteer assignment once training has been completed.


Based on your client’s skills and abilities, the agency may be expected to provide support staff. Your client and his/her support staff must both agree to a minimum six month commitment in order to be considered for volunteer placements. An agency support staff will be asked register as a WHS volunteer and will be expected to accompany your client throughout the entire process of volunteering. The role of support staff will be to provide direction, job coaching and assistance.

To maintain continuity, the same support staff must be at the interview and accompany your client during his or her shift.


We may ask you to provide your own committed support system. This may be a friend or a family member who will assist you in your volunteer work. Both of you will be asked to make a minimum six month commitment to The WHS.

Start the process 

Please contact Volunteer Services at 204-982-2043 to determine an appropriate orientation process for you or your client and register for an information session.