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Kendra and WHS Dog Ambassador, Joey.

Since revamping the programs offered through the Education Department, we have been swamped with bookings! This is a great problem to have as it means that we are reaching more people, and helping to fill some gaps in our community.

But now we have a different problem. More bookings means we need more volunteers.

We are looking to expand our WHS Dog Ambassador Volunteers.

What is a Dog Ambassador?

A Dog Ambassador consists of a volunteer and their dog. They play a vital role in our Animal Companionship Program, as well as many others in the Education Department. We visit places like nursing homes, workplaces, schools, daycares, and so many more.

Our Dog Ambassadors are there to provide comfort, to help everyone de-stress and overall brighten everyone’s day!

What it’s like being a WHS Dog Ambassador:

My name is Kendra, I work in the Education Department. I also work with my dog Joey who comes with me to facilitate animal companionship sessions. We have been doing this for a couple of years now and I would have to say the best part of our day is gong out and meeting new people. We go to schools right before exams so students can go in with a clear mind. We also go to workplaces to help employees de-stress and provide a necessary break in their day.

We spend some time going to different nursing homes visiting the residents. The highlight of their day is getting to spend time with the dog. Many have had animals and are now unable to have them, so this truly does make their day. We were at one of our sessions yesterday, and one of the ladies was having a really bad day. She was feeling very depressed and tired. After a visit with Joey, she said that she really admires the work we do and appreciates our time because she felt so much better after our visit. It makes my day knowing that the work we do is meaningful, and that there is a need for it. This is truly a rewarding volunteer position!

We are forever expanding our reach and our programs, which is why we are looking for more Dog Ambassadors to add to our team.

Join our team! If you have a dog that is calm, loves children and adults, loves attention and being pet, then this could be the perfect volunteer opportunity for you.