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About the program:

Our Therapy Dog program is a dog-assisted program using WHS behaviour-certified dogs to provide affection and comfort to people with various needs and conditions who would benefit from the support and attention of an animal. These dogs help individuals with physical, mental, and behavioural needs make closer connections with animals based on the reported benefits of these practices.

Our program is delivered to schools, senior homes, correctional centres, rehabilitation facilities, hospitals, workplaces, and so much more. This program can be tailored to participants between the ages of 5 – 90 and children with various physical, developmental, or emotional needs.

Sessions are booked for 1-hour timeslots.

Note: The cost per session is $45.00 an hour and that will guarantee you one therapy dog for

 your session. Should you want more then one therapy dog at your location, the cost will vary.

$45.00-1 Therapy Dog

$90.00-2-3 Therapy Dogs

$135.00-4-6 Therapy Dogs

Please be sure to book your session 2 weeks in advance.

To book now please email us at [email protected] or call us at 204-982-2046.


The WHS Therapy Dog program is always looking to recruit additional Therapy Dogs to participate in a fun, meaningful, and rewarding way to give back to the community.

Do you have a dog that you think would be perfect for the job and meet the following criteria?

  1. Does your dog know basic commands?
  2. Is your dog okay in a crowd of people?
  3. Is your dog reactive toward other dogs?
  4. Is your dog okay being pet all over? (Head to toe)
  5. Is your dog okay with being approached unexpectedly from behind?
  6. Is your dog okay with loud noises?
  7. Is your dog able to walk next to you on a loose leash?
  8. Are you able to refocus your dog when in large groups?
  9. Does your dog accept a stranger? (Hat or sunglasses)
  10. Is your dog comfortable with mobility aids? (Wheelchair, crutches, or stroller)

If you think your dog would make an excellent certified therapy dog, book your FREE assessment today!

What do we offer?

All WHS Therapy Dogs receive:

  • Therapy Dog Behaviour Assessment
  • Should they pass, they would then move on to our Therapy Dog Orientation/training.
  • Once orientation/training is done they would receive a certificate stating that they are a WHS Certified Therapy Dog (Renewal evaluation yearly)
  • WHS branded Therapy Dog Tee
  • WHS branded Therapy Dog Leash
  • WHS branded Therapy Dog Bandana
  • WHS branded Therapy Dog Lanyard & Name tag
  • Rewarding work with monthly giveaways (gift cards or animal toys/treats)
  • Yearly Therapy Dog wrap-up party (snacks & coffee)
  • Recognition opportunities through the WHS Volunteer Recognition Program

Apply today!


For more information or should you have any questions about our Certified Therapy Dog Program, please contact our
Education Office at 204-982-2046 or [email protected].