Winnipeg Humane Society reminds pet owners A Hot Car Can Kill | Winnipeg Humane Society
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A Hot Car Can Kill car window decals are available for a donation at the WHS, River City Ford, Petland and participating Pet Valu locations.

Leaving a pet unattended in a hot vehicle can lead to fatal results. Every year the Winnipeg Humane Society (WHS) shares this message, but still receives hundreds of calls about pets left unattended in vehicles. This year, Manitobans are asked to spread the message: A Hot Car Can Kill.

Even on moderately cool days, temperatures inside vehicles quickly rise and put pets at risk of heat stroke, brain damage and even death. In 2017, the WHS received 324 complaints about animals locked in vehicles. In 2016 there were 185 calls and 226 calls in 2015.

“We need to do more for our pets when it comes to this issue,” says Kyle Jahns, WHS Communications Coordinator. “To make a difference, people must be more aware of the intolerable conditions inside a hot vehicle and share this message with all Manitobans. Pets should not suffer over such an easily prevented issue.”

Manitobans can spread the message by placing an ‘A Hot Car Can Kill’ decal in their car window. The decals are available for a donation at the Winnipeg Humane Society, Petland, participating Pet Valu locations and River City Ford.

The decals are made possible thanks to a partnership agreement with River City Ford. All the vehicles on its lot will display the decals this summer. In addition to supporting the message, River City Ford will donate $250 to the WHS for every vehicle sold in July and donate two transportation vehicles to the shelter for emergency response and pet adoption purposes.

“There’s no safe temperature to leave a dog inside a vehicle, even if it’s parked in the shade with the windows partially down,” says Kyle Forcier, River City Ford General Manager. “We want every vehicle in Winnipeg to have a decal on display and share this critical message.”

If you observe an animal suffering inside a hot vehicle, call the WHS Emergency Line at 204-982-2020. If the animal is parked in a public area, notify nearby businesses as they may be able to page the owner and quickly resolve the situation.