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  • File a report with the Winnipeg Humane Society by going to:
  • The WHS currently has a waiting list for the intake of dogs and will not be able to receive stray dogs. If you have found a stray dog in the City of Winnipeg, please take it to the City of Winnipeg Animal Services Agency at 1057 Logan Ave. If you have a stray dog found out of the city of Winnipeg, contact your Municipal Animal Control Office. We accept strays from outside of the city by appointment only through our waiting list.
  • Let social media groups dedicated to reuniting lost pets know of the found pet:


The Winnipeg Humane Society has adopted an approach to sheltering called “Capacity for Care”. This model was implemented in shelters across the United States and Canada and is recognized for its success in increasing live outcomes for dogs and cats in those shelters. Capacity for Care reduces the overcrowding that results in stress and illness in shelter animals and promotes their adoptability. In the Capacity for Care model, a shelter takes in only as many animals as it has resources (space, staff, supplies, medical care) to accommodate.

The Winnipeg Humane Society Intake Department, Clinic, Behaviour, and Foster Departments are working together to provide alternatives to surrendering cats and dogs to the shelter. Pets do not belong in shelters. They belong in homes.

Did you find a healthy and friendly cat out for a walk in your neighborhood?
Is the area safe, not too much traffic?
Is the weather warm enough?

We recommend that you leave the cat where found. Cats have more than double the chance of finding their way home if left in the neighbourhood. It is usual for a cat to travel a three to five block area and eat at multiple houses that put out food. Check with your neighbors and put up posters. Does the cat have a tattoo? Call the Winnipeg Humane Society so we can trace the owner. Space in the shelter is limited and bringing in a cat with a home to the shelter reduces the chances it will be reunited with their family and takes a spot from a cat that might need our help.

Care to Adopt:

Do you want to keep a stray you find?

  • We will check for ID and search lost reports
  • Take the cat home and help us look for an owner
  • If unclaimed after 5 to 14 days, you can adopt the cat
  • Cost? $35 (plus applicable taxes) for spay/neuter, vaccinations, deworming, and City of Winnipeg license

Care to Rehome:

Do you have a new home in mind for the stray?

  • Complete the Found Report on our website and we will look for the animal’s owner
  • If no owner is found, you become the new owner while you find a home for the animal
  • Transfer ownership to the pet’s new owner and they can use the WHS Clinic for low cost spay/neuter, vaccinations, City of Winnipeg licence. Cost? $35 (plus applicable taxes)