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We Are Here for the Animals. We Are Here for You.

“We Are Here For The Animals. We Are Here For You.” is a joint community outreach program facilitated through Jessica Thompson, the Winnipeg Humane Society, and Winnipeg Animals Services. This community outreach spay and neuter program addresses cat overpopulation in Winnipeg’s most impacted areas by offering surgeries for $5, including transportation.

Thanks to Winnipeg Animal Services and City Cat Licensing creating the FixIt Grant, the program can focus on ensuring that more cats are receiving necessary spay and neuter surgeries that may be missed by other programs.

Together we work to ensure cats of low-income families who cannot afford even the most minimal fees, are spayed and neutered. We also provide transportation services to and from the WHS Clinic thanks to our dedicated team of volunteers. The program’s incentive is community involvement, Jessica and her team work out of their cat outreach centre at 1051 Main St., providing the option to not only spay and neuter at low cost through the WHS Clinic, but also providing educational resources to cat owners who need the support.

The aim is to build a bridge of trust between the citizens of Winnipeg who need us the most and the WHS, moving our city towards healthier cats. Healthy cats mean a healthy community.

Jessica’s team also routinely hosts cat Spay and Neuter events at local clinics on Sundays when veterinarians, RVT’s and other veterinary professionals volunteer their time and skills to fix low income owned and feral cats.

For more information on the We Are Here for the Animals. We Are Here for You. program, you can contact Jessica through Facebook, by phone (204) 421-7297 or by email at jessicat@winnipeghumanesociety.ca.

To learn more about the program, read the WHS Blog:

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Funds from City of Winnipeg cat licensing fees FIXIT Grant are used to support and make this program a success.