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Preparing the Family Dog for Life with Baby

Dogs & StorksTM offers positive, practical, and fun solutions for new parents and expecting families. This is the first national pre baby program where dogs are the focus. Answering the call of many new parents, this program sets the educational groundwork for success before baby arrives.

This two-hour workshop is bursting with tips and information that gets families started immediately in preparing for life with a dog and a baby under one roof. Families will explore the subtle language of dogs, ways to include their dog before and after baby arrives, and many more tips and ideas that will help with a smooth transition.

Visit the official Dogs & StorksTM website for on-going support, a blog and more.

Each session is led by certified dog trainer, Dr. Renee Will of Two Brown Dogs Canine Consultants.  Classes are held at The Winnipeg Humane Society (45 Hurst Way).

Cost: $30 per person (please leave your furry family member at home).

Upcoming Classes:

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Although it is a 2-hour session, we allow extra time for the many questions participants have afterwards.

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