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Puppy Socialization – Important Information

The following information will help you ensure you and your puppy get the most out our puppy socialization class.


  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes so you can relax and enjoy learning with your puppy. We sit on the floor so some of you may wish to bring a small cushion to sit or kneel on.
  • Your puppy must be carried into the classroom.


  • Puppies must be a maximum of 4 months of age and have been in the home for a minimum of two weeks prior to the start of class. They must have received their first set of vaccinations a minimum of 8 days prior at time of the first class. In addition they will need Bordetella, which is not a core vaccination. Please make sure your puppy has been examined by your veterinarian for general health and is free of external and internal parasites.
  • Bring your puppy to class only when the puppy is well and healthy enough to enjoy learning with other pups and people. It is your responsibility to monitor your puppy’s health daily. If your puppy seems ill or does not eat or play as usual, please take the puppy to your veterinarian immediately.


  • To motivate your puppy to be eager to learn, and to make learning easy and quick during class time, we will be rewarding puppy with tasty food as well as lots of praise, petting and affection.
  • To make sure your puppy will be hungry enough to respond to food during class, do not feed food or treats after 1:00 p.m. on the day of class, but give water as usual.
  • Please bring a small bag of your puppy’s favourite treats (should be the size of the top of your pinky finger), mixed in with some of his regular kibble. We will have additional treats to help with increased motivation. When selecting treats for puppy class, please keep in mind that the classes will be very distracting for your pup. Use treats your pup likes and will respond to.
  • The WHS Classroom is a “Nut Free Zone” so please do not bring treats containing peanut butter.