Pet Memorial Scattering Garden | Winnipeg Humane Society
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Pet Memorial Scattering Garden

Located on the grounds of The Winnipeg Humane Society, the garden provides a permanent resting place for part or all of a beloved pet’s ashes.

All too often, people bury their pet’s ashes at the lake or in the backyard, then move away. The Winnipeg Humane Society offers a permanent fixture that provides bereaved pet owners with the assurance and comfort of a peaceful resting place.

We thank Kevin Sweryd of Bardal Funeral Homes for his vision and support in the creation and maintenance of The WHS’s Pet Memorial Scattering Garden.

  • Please call 204-982-2041 to learn how to create an eternal resting place for your beloved pet in our Pet Memorial Scattering Garden. The fee for this service is a donation of your choice.