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Pet Travel Tips

In the case of a crash, your pet can be prone to deadly injuries, so keep them as car-safe as every other member of the family.

Only humans in the front seat

It is very important that you keep your dog out of the front seat. The impact of an airbag in an accident can be fatal.

Buckle up your best friend

Restraints are important. An unrestrained dog can interfere with driving. Invest in a doggie seat belt harness (available at The WHS Gift Shop) a pet travel crate, or a cat/dog cargo barrier.

Roll up the windows

Your dog’s head should be kept inside at all times. Dogs are at risk of suffering from eye infections and allergic reactions from airborne irritants or suffering injuries from flying debris or rocks.

Never leave your pet unattended

On hot summer days, cars can heat up very quickly to dangerous temperatures, even with the windows down.

Unrestrained dogs in the backs of pickup trucks can be dangerous

In Manitoba, it is illegal to travel with an unrestrained dog in the back of an open pickup truck. Pickup harnesses are available.

Take a break

For longer car rides, give yourself and your pet a few rest stops every two or three hours.

Use barriers

These useful items allow you to drive without having your pet distract you and will keep them from chewing on upholstery, sunglasses or groceries.