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Pet Licensing

We’re often asked why Pet Licensing is important to us. There are plenty of reasons and here are the most important ones:

We know who to call if your pet’s missing:

Everyday, we receive several lost and missing pets at The WHS. Without a licence or microchip or tattoo of any kind, we can’t locate you and help bring your little fur ball home. How can we? We don’t have enough information to go on. Here’s where updating your records comes in handy too. We can’t do much if we have the wrong address or phone number on file! Even with the largest lost pet Database in Manitoba, we rely on your pet’s licence to bring them back to you as quickly as possible.

It’s against the law:

You can be fined a hefty sum for a pet without a license. The city does its best to make the process of pet licensing as convenient for the citizens as possible. Take this opportunity and stay the law abiding citizen that we know you are.

It is way cheaper than that ticket:

No, we’re not kidding. It’s actually cheaper to get a new license or pay for it annually than paying for a ticket issued for having an unregistered pet.

Now, that you know why registering your pet is important, make sure to update any changes to your address or phone number on your licence.

A few pointers:

  • Even if you have your pet tattooed or micro chipped, you still need to get it licensed. The city, however, understands that some pets prefer not to have a tag around their neck. This is where a tattoo or a micro chip plays a vital role. In case your pet is lost, we can always look up your information with just those two things at hand.
  • Convenience is key. You can register your pet online, in person, over the telephone or by mail. You get to pick which method works best for you. You can find more information on pet licensing on the city’s website.
  • Renew your licence annually and keep it updated. Updated records can go a long way in bringing your pet home.
  • If you find that your pet’s tattoo is fading and is not readable, make it a priority to get it redone.
  • Always keep a picture of your pet with you so that we can identify which one of our several shelter animals belongs to you.
  • If you’ve lost a pet or know someone who has, use the largest database in the world… The internet! Post or Share the news about the animal on Facebook and its likes. You could also try Kijiji or Craigslist. Use all your resources!
  • Cover all your options! Remember The WHS is not the only place you can call to check if we found your pet. Organizations like Pembina Veterinary Hospital and The City’s Animal Services along with Facebook pages and groups such as Winnipeg Lost Dog Alert, Winnipeg Lost Cat Alert and Lost and Found Cats In Winnipeg have their own database of lost and found pets. They are good places to consider before you exhaust your search.
  • Report lost and missing animals to The WHS by calling the Lost & Found Department at 204-982-2025.