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Remote Community Partnerships for One Health Program


Partner with remote communities in Manitoba to develop community-led, sustainable, and long-term humane companion animal population management strategies as well as supporting healthy animals, the people who care for them, and the communities they live in.

One Health

The Remote Community Partnerships for One Health (RCPOH) program focuses on the connection between animal and human health. We recognize that healthy animals are integral to healthy, sustainable, and resilient communities. Through our One Health approach, we position veterinary services as critical for both animal health and community public health.


When working with Indigenous communities, we recognize the importance of reconciliation and relationship-building. We strive to develop trusting and respectful relationships with community members and leadership to achieve long-term and positive partnerships and to assist with building healthy companion animal populations and communities.


Spay/neuter clinics (remote and in-house), vaccine clinics, pet food donations (when available), consulting for animal-related by-law development, knowledge sharing about dog bite prevention, and dog behaviour and health.

Communities served:

We work with communities and local animal welfare organizations to provide services to remote communities. To date, we have provided services to: Cross Lake, Norway House, Poplar River, Gillam/Fox Lake, Easterville, God’s Lake, Split Lake, and others across the province.


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