March 2023 Monthly Volunteer Profile: Anita Jacobson

People who volunteer with the Winnipeg Humane Society (WHS) share a passion for furry or feathered friends. We all demonstrate this passion and dedication in different ways, and in eight years Foster Parent Anita Jacobson and her husband Tim have shown this repeatedly by opening their doors and sharing their home with more than 160 cats. Anita said Tim is largely responsible for what has become a major part of their lives. “I blame my husband for getting us into this,” she laughed. “We’re a partnership. He’s totally awesome and a real keeper. Eight years ago, Tim received a hip … Continued

World Wildlife Day 2023: Ways to Help

Humans are fortunate to share planet Earth with incredible wildlife, however human activity increasingly threatens the survival of the other species we share our home with. Pollution, unsustainable fishing practices, deforestation for farmland and urban development has rapidly increased the rate of species extinction, with an average decline of 69% in species populations since 1970 (WWF’s Living Planet Report 2022) Today is World Wildlife Day and it serves a great reminder that we all have a shared responsibility to co-exist with and ensure the welfare of wild animals. Here are some ways we, as individuals can help: Use Less Plastic … Continued

Make Twice the Difference with March Match!

We are excited to introduce you to March Match presented by Vickar Automotive Group! You may recall our previous event and campaign for 1001 Donations. We’ve changed the name to better represent exactly what it is…a campaign throughout March where your generous gift will be matched! Any amount you donate this month will be MATCHED up to $70,000 by four generous donors. The deadline is March 31st, so make sure you double your impact before it’s too late. This month, we will also be sharing some incredible animal stories (like Pegasus’) with you that highlight how YOUR dollars create second chances … Continued

February 2023 Monthly Volunteer Profile: Shona Strome

Cat Adoption Assistant Shona Strome calls her two hours of volunteer work in Kitty Kat Way ‘refreshing’ and looks forward to it every week. “I always feel good after my shift, I find,” she explained. “I go home after my shift and I feel energized.” A relative newcomer to the Winnipeg Humane Society’s volunteer ranks, Shona is obviously a quick learner. She’s been volunteering at the WHS for six months but she’s already mentored four or five new volunteers. “It’s good to have new people coming on and I enjoy showing them the ropes,” she said. Shona retired from the … Continued

Tanner (left) with job coach, Michael (right)

January 2023 Monthly Volunteer Profile: Tanner Kobar

There’s a saying about how people ‘make a mark’ in an organization through hard work and dedication. In the case of Winnipeg Humane Society volunteer Tanner Kobar, he makes his mark around the shelter each week by removing marks, which helps guests, staff and volunteers get a clear picture of adoptable animals. Tanner is in his second year of volunteering at the WHS. As an Adoptions Maintenance Assistant, cleaning the windows of the dog enclosures for the Adoptions department takes up a lot of his shift each week, but he will now be doing some laundry and filling the animals’ … Continued

Photo credit: Manitoba Animal Save

CEO Blog: Putting Ourselves Out There

I am pleased to say the WHS has started 2023 off with a bang. We’ve put ourselves out there like never before and have taken a stand on what we believe is important. As you know, we have been working on ending Live Horse Exportation. Two billboards are now located on Pembina Highway and Portage Avenue to raise awareness of this inhumane practice. I have personally had a hard time with this issue… In December, we shared some breaking news about a shipment of horses scheduled to be exported out of Winnipeg’s airport and running into significant delays. Horses arrived … Continued

16 Animal Welfare Risks Associated with Horse Exportation

Horses purposely bred for slaughter are raised in barren, open feedlots. Draft horses raised for slaughter have been documented as raised in feedlots without shelter or protection from the elements. The province of Manitoba is home to two producers of draft horses for exportation, yet the province sees some of the harshest and coldest weather conditions in the country. Like companion horses, draft horses must be provided with appropriate shelter in extreme weather conditions. Horses raised for slaughter are at risk of having pain control withheld. Phenylbutazone, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, is the most effective and most commonly used drug … Continued

#WHSTips: Holiday Pet Safety

With the holidays right around the corner, even our pets should be able to enjoy them! Our Behaviour department has put together these #WHSTips and tricks to help keep your pets happy, healthy and safe during the holiday season: Pets can feel stress too! Try to keep to your mealtime and exercise routines to ease the holiday stress. Decorations can look like toys to pets; use caution and proper supervision when decorating. Skip the tinsel! Tinsel can be very dangerous for pets if ingested and can cause intestinal blockage. Closely monitor your pets around presents or distract them with pet-friendly … Continued

WHS Pet Shop: Our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide Is Here!

Are you still looking for the purrfect gift for your furry friend or the animal lover in your life? We’re here to lend a paw! Our WHS Pet Shop is stocked with some amazing treats and goodies that any pet will get the zoomies for. We’ve chosen just some of our favourites in this holiday gift guide to make your holiday shopping a bit more stress-free:   EZ Mount Kitty Sills: These kitty sills easily attach to a window with sturdy suction cups; no tools are required! They allow your feline friend to gaze out the window for some mental … Continued

Be a Hero to Animals like Dorrie

Sometimes, second chances look a little bit different. This was the case for Dorrie. The Saint-Boniface Museum is located in an over 180 year old building. The building is amazing, but due to its age, it is easy for rodents to find their way in. Emilie and the staff found out about our Barn Buddies program and wanted to see if they could find a fit that would help them and an animal in need. That’s when they met Dorrie. Dorrie was a great cat, but he liked his alone time. He needed to find a living situation where he could … Continued