2021 August MVP: Janessa Sawatzky

Growing up on a farm/acreage near Carman, Manitoba, Janessa Sawatzky has a lot of experience with cats. Now living and working in Winnipeg, she gets her cat fix by volunteering one night a week at the Winnipeg Humane Society as an Evening Care Provider. “It involves mostly feeding the cats in the condos and Kitty Kat Way as well as logging how much they’ve eaten during the day,” she explained. “This way, we can see if they like the food they have or if we need to try a different diet.” The position also includes filling in behaviour charts for … Continued

6 Myths About Pet Insurance

It can be hard for pet owners to hear that the best choice for their sick pet is treatment they might not be able to afford. That’s where pet insurance comes to the rescue. Pet insurance gives pet owners the freedom to do what is best for their pet without stressing over the cost, ensuring that pets stay as healthy as possible! All WHS cat and dog adopters receive a free 45-day trial of Petsecure insurance (excluding pre-existing conditions). Here are some common pet insurance misconceptions, debunked! 6 myths and the honest truth about pet insurance Myth: Pet insurance doesn’t … Continued

New School Year, New Education Department!

With the new school year having just arrived, we wanted to highlight our awesome new programs! Our Empathy for All Living Things series (formerly known as WHS In Your School) has added some new presentations to the mix! The presentations we now offer are: Basic and Emotional Needs Conflict Intelligence Loss and Grief Personal Space Relationships Safe Interactions Selfcare of People and Animals Stress and Emotion The best part about our new presentations, is that they can be modified to any age group! If the idea of having a presentation isn’t for you but are you’re still wanting to spend … Continued

2021 July MVP: Timon Kozelko

Winnipeg Humane Society volunteer Timon Kozelko is a big believer in the concept of paying it forward for good deeds. And he follows that idea in both working and volunteering. “When I was younger, since I have autism, I was unable to grasp social skills until I was about seven or eight,” he explained. “My cat at the time, Sebastian, was such a big part of changing me to get me where I needed to be. It was such a comforting thing to come home and have my cat on my bed. When the days were tougher I had that … Continued

CEO Jessica and 'survivor' Gryffyn

WHS and Province Bring Justice to those suffering in silence

A solid win for Animal Welfare in Manitoba Described as a house of horrors by a provincial judge, a Manitoba couple took the fall and pled guilty in May to offences of keeping malnourished and sick animals in their home in Winnipeg. A nightmare for the companion animals that lived it, this case is a solid win for Animal Protection Officers of the Winnipeg Humane Society (WHS) and the Chief Veterinary Office (CVO) of the province. These animals were removed from a terrible situation by Animal Protection Officers and given a new lease on life. This case is just one … Continued

Photo Credit: Manitoba Animal Alliance

Helping the Animals of Manitoba’s Wildfires

With over 130 active wildfires burning across the province, Pauingassi, Little Grand Rapids, Berens River, and Bloodvein First Nations have been completely evacuated due to smoke and power outages. Most people were required to leave their pets in their community when they were evacuated; free-roaming community dogs are also left behind. Without guardians, these animals have limited access to food and water, making them especially vulnerable during this time. The Winnipeg Humane Society is working hard to assist in any capacity we can and to fill the gap concerning the much-needed care for these animals during disaster relief efforts by … Continued

2021 June MVP: Heather Tataryn

Like many other volunteers at the Winnipeg Humane Society, Heather Tataryn decided to begin her volunteer role after adopting her cat, Bijou, at the WHS. “In October 2017, I hadn’t owned a pet for a few years because my best friend, whom I’ve known since before elementary school, has allergies to these furry felines,” she explained. “But I had recently looked after a friend of a friend’s cat and after that I knew it was time for me to welcome one into my life!” So Heather came to the WHS and fell in love with every single rescue cat at … Continued

A New Education Department!

There are some changes happening within our Education Department that we are very excited to share with the community! As with any WHS program, we review the success, return on investment, and overall engagement to determine how we move forward. The pandemic has had quite the impact on the Education Department and our ability to deliver in-person programming (such as Birthday Parties, See Spot Read, Tours & Fieldtrips, WHS in Your School, and more). Based on the impact of the pandemic, we sat down to really assess our goals and where we wanted to take our department moving forward. We … Continued

Explaining the Capacity for Care Shelter Model

Did you know the Winnipeg Humane Society has successfully followed a shelter model called Capacity for Care since its implementation in 2018? Educating the public on what we do, how we do it, and the why behind our decision-making, is so important. The Capacity for Care (C4C) shelter model ensures the best live outcome for each animal requiring care, enabling the shelter to find the right outcome, for the right animal, at the right time, in the right way. Despite pre-conceived notions of the best way to help an animal – bringing an animal into the shelter is not always … Continued

How to Keep your Pet Cool in the Summer

After a long Canadian winter, we’re all itching to get outside with our pets. But, just like us, dogs and cats are susceptible to heat-related illnesses like overheating, heatstroke and even skin cancer. Pets with flatter faces (like pugs and Persian cats), elderly cats and dogs, overweight pets, and animals with previous heart or lung conditions are at higher risks of overheating and heatstroke. Here are some tips to help your pet stay healthy, safe and cool in the summer. Heatstroke – what to look for According to the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA), watch for the following signs and symptoms … Continued