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Fund a Project or Give a Major Gift

We look to you with great hope to set an example for our community. To lead the way in giving. To make a difference with your generosity. You can do this by becoming a Humane Leader.

“Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened.” — Unknown


paw in hand

A major gift to The Winnipeg Humane Society can take many forms: from a one-time donation to a gift of stock; to an endowment; to a bequest. You can select the form that best suits your lifestyle and personal giving preferences. Some people choose to give an outright gift of cash in one lump sum, while others choose to spread their donation out over time by pledging an amount and indicating the time frame in which they want to give.  Major gifts can include tangible assets, like real estate, securities, and equipment. Anyone can make a major gift – individuals, families, foundations, and companies.

With your Major Gift Donation of $1000 or more you are supporting our animal welfare work that answers to our current needs or special projects. These are unrestricted gifts that allow us to respond quickly to emergency situations , buy much needed equipment, supply vaccines and medications or even assist in the investigation of a puppy mill where many animals may need to be treated and cared for at once.

It’s a remarkable commitment to make, and it takes a remarkable person like you to make it happen.

Can our animals rely on you?

For more information

Email our Major Gift Officer, or phone 204-982-2033.