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Surrendering Your Pet

Due to the overwhelming number of applications, we are temporarily suspending animal surrenders. Currently, the wait time for surrender is up to a year, and we must prioritize providing care and support for the animals already on the list and in the shelter.

We work very hard to give each animal that comes through our doors the proper care and an opportunity for a new home. To do that we must limit our intake to match our space and other resources

Our goal is to keep animals in their loving homes, and we do everything we can to ensure they stay with their caregivers.

Here are some resources that may help:

– If you are struggling to feed your pet: We offer an Emergency Pet Food Bank to help with nutrition needs for those who qualify.

– If your animal needs medical care: Our Urgent Care program offers low-cost, short-term veterinary care for pets who have been diagnosed with an urgent condition and their owners are not able to afford that care at their own clinic.

Primary Care program offers basic vet services, like exams, vaccines, and minor medical care, for clients who may need assistance obtaining vet care.

We also offer a subsidized spay and neuter program (SNAP). Visit our Spay and Neuter page for more information.

Please call the WHS clinic at 204-982-2036 or email [email protected] to see if you qualify and to apply for these programs.

– If YOU need temporary medical care or are experiencing houselessness: We offer emergency boarding for up to two weeks (free of charge) for individuals going to be hospitalized, lost their home, or fleeing domestic violence.

– If you are having behaviour issues with your animal: Please contact our Behaviour Help Line at 204-988-8808, fill out the online behaviour help request form, or visit our behaviour issue resource page.

– If you are still looking to surrender your pet: You can reach out to one of the other rescues or shelters here in Manitoba or try the Home to Home direct adoption program.


  • Have I sought guidance from expert sources regarding behaviour problems or allergies?
  • If so, have I followed their advice and given it enough time?
  • Have I spread the word through family, friends, and coworkers?
  • Have I contacted the shelter/breeder/person I got the animal from?
  • If the animal is a purebred, have I tried contacting a rescue group for that breed?

Please contact the Animal Intake Department at (204) 982-2021, Option 5 anytime for further guidance. We hope we can be a valuable resource to you by offering services such as behaviour consultations, customized information from our website, practical advice, and support during this difficult time.