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Surrendering Your Pet

The Winnipeg Humane Society no longer maintains an open door policy for owned animals. You must speak with an Animal Advisor and make an appointment to bring your animal(s) in. Please read this page in it’s entirety before surrendering your pet.


Due to the volume of animals the shelter receives each and every day, the WHS is NOT able to guarantee the future of your pet. You will be required to sign a form indicating that you understand our policy that your pet may be euthanized (put to sleep).

For more information about what happens after an animal is surrendered, click here:

Animal Surrender – What Happens Next?

We understand that surrendering your pet is a very difficult decision to make. Should we be your last resort, please be honest with our Animal Advisors. They are here to help and gather as much information as possible to ensure your pet can/will be successfully adopted into a new home.

We work very hard to give each animal that comes through our doors the proper care and an opportunity for a new home. In order to do that we must limit our Intake to match our space and other resources. We will put your pet on a waiting list. The length of wait can vary between a few days and several weeks. We triage our list; urgent situations are accommodated first. It is important to not wait for the last minute to try and resolve your pet’s behaviour issues or attempt to find a new home for your pet.


  • Have I sought guidance from expert sources regarding behaviour problems or allergies?
  • If so, have I followed their advice and given it enough time?
  • Have I spread the word through family, friends, and coworkers?
  • Have I contacted the shelter/breeder/person I got the animal from?
  • If the animal is a purebred, have I tried contacting a rescue group for that breed?
  • Have I tried the WHS Behaviour Help Line to correct my pet’s behaviour? Call (204) 988-8808 or email us at

Please feel free to contact the Animal Intake Department at (204) 982-2021, Option 5 anytime for further guidance. We hope we can be a valuable resource to you by offering services such as behaviour consultations, customized information from our website, practical advice, and support during this difficult time.



  • Complete the surrender profile on our website to get your pet onto our wait list, surrendering-your-pet
  • Find a home for your pet while waiting for shelter space
  • The pet’s new owner can use the WHS Clinic for low cost spay/neuter, vaccinations, City of Winnipeg license. Cost? $35 (plus applicable taxes)


The Home To Home program is a unique, direct-to-adopter tool for pet owners that need to rehome an animal. Pets can find a loving new home without ever entering a shelter. The program also gives animals needing a new home the best of both worlds: their current owner can find the best fit, and their adopter can learn all about their personality and preferences firsthand.

Through the Home To Home program, prospective adopters will contact the current pet owner directly to learn more about a pet they may be interested in. Because these pets are not in our shelter, they are not evaluated by our staff. We have no additional information about them, and we are unable to make any guarantees about their health, behavior, or temperament. Any agreement of adoption will be made solely between the owner and adopter.

Manitoba Cat/Critter/Dog Rescues/Shelters


  • If you are considering euthanasia of your pet for health, age or temperament reasons, the WHS strongly encourages you to seek the guidance of your veterinarian.
  • The WHS does not operate a full-service veterinary clinic.
  • If you are surrendering a stray animal, please visit this page.


  1. For the WHS to learn more about your pet’s behaviour, please fill out the corresponding behaviour surrender questionnaire.
  2. After submitting the questionnaire, your application will be reviewed, and you will be added to our wait list.
  3. The WHS will contact you to arrange a surrender appointment for your pet. These appointments are made once we have space in the shelter to accommodate your pet.

If you have any questions about the status of your pet, please call us at 204-982-2025, Option 5.

Please note: Due to limited space and resources, your pet will be placed on a wait list. The wait period can be anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on the length of the wait list.

At time of surrendering an animal (stray or owned) please be ready to show photo identification. Animals must come confined. Dogs should be on a leash or in a crate/carrier. Cats and critters should be confined in a cage/crate/carrier or box with holes for air.


There is a admission fee for animals surrendered to the WHS, including those from outside the City of Winnipeg.

Admission fees:

Adult dog/puppy – $75 

Additional dogs – $50 each

Puppy litter (with or without mom) – $100

Cat/kitten – $50 

Additional cats – $25 each

Kitten litter (without or without mom) – $75

Critters – $25 

Critter litter – $50 

Feral/trapped cats, unfriendly cats/dogs – $100 evaluation fee


Why do I have to pay an admission fee for surrendered animals?

We are providing a service to the public and each animal we take in requires veterinary check ups, vaccinations and deworming.  Some need surgery, medication and many days, weeks even months in our care.  Most animal shelters charge admission fees because they run on donations as we do and require the extra revenue to provide the very best care for each of the thousands of animals coming into our care.  The costs add up and the shelter could not manage to operate without charging people for this service. Our admission fees range from $25-$100 depending on the type of animal.

Why do I need an appointment to bring in a surrendered animal?

We know it’s a difficult decision to surrender an animal. To help us succeed in finding live outcomes for the maximum number of animals, we rely on you to have pursued every possible option to find a new home for your pet. The Winnipeg Humane Society should be your last resort for an animal in need. By asking people to bring in animals by appointment only, we can ensure we have the space and resources to take care of all the animals in the shelter to our very high standards.  When animals are just dropped off unexpectedly, it puts a strain on our resources.  Even a few days notice gives us time to plan and get ready to help another of the thousands of animals we take in per year. Our admission fees range from $25-$100 depending on the type of animal.

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