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WHS Foster Program

Help an animal in the shelter who needs a temporary home, right now.


The WHS Foster Program and the work of amazing Foster Parents support the Capacity for Care (C4C) model. Foster Parents provide care and love to animals who may be too young, sick, injured, under socialized or emotionally stressed. Being in a home is the best place to be to receive care and recover prior to finding their forever home. This helps us to save lives. We hope you will be a part of this incredible work.


General Foster Requirements

  • Primary Foster Parent in the family must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Complete a Foster Questionnaire and meet with one of our team members.
  • Review WHS on-line training related to animal care and behaviour.
  • Have access to a vehicle and willing to transport shelter animal(s) for appointments.
  • Provide a safe, ideally separate room away from other pets in the home.
  • Commit to the duration of the foster placement (2-10 weeks) depending on the animal’s need.

We invite you to watch this 7-minute Foster 101 Basics video that reviews the requirements, responsibilities and what you need to do first before taking home your first foster animal.


Next Steps

  • Step 1 – Review the list of activities that are looking for volunteers within the Foster Team by clicking here.
  • Step 2 – Review the Foster FAQ & the  Animals Awaiting Foster List
  • Step 3 – Complete a  Foster Questionnaire
  • Step 4 – Have a conversation with the Volunteer Services Coordinator and review on-line training
  • Step 5 – Take home your first foster animal