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Donate Your Air Miles

There are two ways to donate to The WHS using Air Miles:

Winnipeg Humane Society Air Miles

1. Use our number while you shop:

Use the Air Miles number 8008 901 1565 while you shop and support The WHS. We use Air Miles for shelter supplies, education, and critter care.

To receive your own WHS wallet Air Miles card, email our Development Department and we’ll arrange to have a card sent out to you.

You can also print the image of the card off this page, and keep it in your wallet.

2. Donate your Air Miles

Air Miles now allows its collectors to support The WHS with their own Air Miles Cash Miles. You can donate your Air Miles Cash Miles by visiting the Air Miles website today.

Make your contribution in three easy steps:

  1. Use your Air Miles Cash Miles to receive a donation code
  2. Click the link in your confirmation e-mail
  3. Make your donation.