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See Spot Read

Dogs are proven to provide a judgment-free safe space for students to develop confidence in their reading and comprehension skills.

See Spot Read is an animal companionship literacy-based program that benefits children who are struggling with their confidence when it comes to reading.

Dogs are proven to offer a judgment free safe space for students to practice their reading skills. Children read aloud to the behaviour assessed WHS dog ambassadors for 10-week sessions and participate in activities designed to boost their enjoyment of using literacy skills.

The students spend half of the hour reading and the other half doing a fun literacy-based activity. When they participate at our shelter location, they also get to see what we do at the Winnipeg Humane Society to help animals. We also host sessions at local Winnipeg libraries to help with the transportation concerns that schools can often face. We offer a unique and positive way for students to improve their reading skills, and it has been proven successful year after year.

Our goal is that the participants gain confidence as readers, build on their reading skills, and develop an active continuing interest in reading. In addition, our experience is that this program impacts the students comfort levels around dogs and other animals and creates a humane connection between students and pets. Creating this bond in our program will extend into the student’s everyday lives, creating humane animal advocates and fantastic pet parents for the future.

This program is offered free of charge to schools through the generous donations of local funders. Groups can register for upcoming sessions by clicking here.


2024 – 2025

Fall: October 7th –  December 13th, 2024

Winter: January 13th –  March 21st, 2025

Spring: April 7th –  June 13th, 2025


 2025 – 2026

Fall: October 6th –  December 12th, 2025

Winter: January 12th –  March 20th, 2026

Spring: April 6th –  June 12th, 2026



The See Spot Read program is always looking to recruit additional Dog Ambassadors to participate in a fun, meaningful, and rewarding way to give back. Helping children who are struggling with their confidence when it comes to reading through animal interaction is something our Dog Ambassadors are passionate about.

Do you have a dog that you think would be perfect for the job? Apply today and you could have your dog behaviour assessed to determine suitability for the program.

What do we offer?

Our See Spot Read Dog Ambassadors commit a lot of their time to the program through the fall, winter, and spring sessions. We want to be sure they are prepared and rewarded for their efforts.

All See Spot Read Dog Ambassadors receive:

  • Complimentary Behaviour Assessment performed by our Behaviour Team to determine suitability of your dog for this program
  • WHS Dog Leash
  • WHS See Spot Read Dog Ambassador T-Shirt
  • WHS Dog Harness
  • WHS Cinch Bag
  • $100 Honorarium per season upon completion of all sessions throughout the 10-week period
  • Recognition opportunities through the WHS Volunteer Recognition Program

So, join us today by filling out your application form here.

For more information or should you have any questions about our See Spot Read program, feel free to contact our Community Outreach Department at 204-982-2046 or [email protected].