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Employee Giving

Make workplace giving work for you with the Winnipeg Humane Society

An employee engagement partnership with the Winnipeg Humane Society has all the makings of a successful partnership where everyone wins!

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Who is the Winnipeg Humane Society?

Our mission: To protect the animals from suffering and promote their welfare and dignity.

  • We are Manitoba’s oldest charity – going strong for 125 years!
  • We are one of the most successful and progressive adoption centres in Canada.
  • We’re responsible for finding homes for more than 4,300 animals and reuniting more than 800 dogs and cats with their owners, each year.
  • We perform 35 surgeries a day in our state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly shelter.

  • We offer adoption, behaviour classes, foster programs as well as reading programs and day camps for kids.
  • Our animal protection officers respond to over 1,500 cruelty/welfare concerns each year.
  • Over 700 volunteers dedicate their talents and skills to achieve everything we do.


An employee engagement program with the Winnipeg Humane Society will:

Attract and retain talent

Corporate social responsibility secures and retains talent – your most important asset. Nine out of ten people aged 27-35 say they expect to move jobs in less than three years unless motivated by an effective corporate responsibility program.

Your bottom line

Workplace giving is integral to an effective corporate social responsibility program. In fact, 1/3 of consumers only buy brands based on their social and environmental impact.

A culture of philanthropy

Providing opportunities to impact the community builds a culture of philanthropy that spans the entire organization, from leadership to employees.

Growth and development

Learn new skills and have new experiences. Whether participating in a community impact working group, planning fundraising events, or volunteering, there is a chance to develop personally or professionally.


Innovation comes from new ideas on how to make a difference in the community, which can engage an employer’s customer base at the same time.

Employee Giving FAQ

What is employee giving?

Employee giving is an easy way for a company to involve their employees in something meaningful. Organizations can create a culture of caring by setting up payroll deductions to allow employees to directly support the Winnipeg Humane Society and other causes they may be interested in. All employees are encouraged to make a personal gift to support the work of the Winnipeg Humane Society in protecting animals from suffering and promoting their welfare and dignity.

Who is eligible to participate?

All part-time and full-time employees are eligible. At this time contractors and international employees are not eligible to participate.

Why should I give as part of the company and not directly to charity?

By making a donation through payroll deduction, 100% of your donation goes to the Winnipeg Humane Society because we cover all of the processing costs. It also enables us to easily track donations by our staff so that we can match donations throughout the year. Your donation will be documented on your T4 which means less tracking and administration for you as a donor.

Do I have to participate?

No. Participation is completely voluntarily.

If I decide I want to participate, how can I do that?

Participation is easy – you can make a payroll pledge, donate with a credit card, or participate in a workplace fundraising activity in support of the Winnipeg Humane Society. If you want to participate in a fundraiser, keep an eye out for internal communications that will provide details of how you can get involved.

If I make a pledge, when will my deductions begin?

Recurring payroll deductions will begin on [DATE], 2018. One time payroll deductions will be taken out on [Date] in advance of the end of the tax year. Credit Card donations are taken when you confirm your donation.