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The Winnipeg Humane Society (WHS) values the importance of building inclusive and respectful relationships with Indigenous peoples. We are committed to delivering our programs in a socially responsible way that is mindful of human rights and residents. Reflected in the WHS’ Indigenous Engagement Policy, the organization commits to approach our engagement in a constant and culturally appropriate manner, while considering the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action #92 and respecting the diversity of Indigenous communities in Canada.

The WHS seeks to engage and consult with Indigenous peoples to encourage their active participation in community veterinary clinics, as well as all aspects of the One Health program. The WHS understands that contribution to economic reconciliation includes employing Indigenous peoples, purchasing from Indigenous businesses, conducting business with Indigenous partners, and conducting meaningful engagement.

Delivering veterinary clinics and One Health programming across Manitoba for Indigenous communities, the WHS collaborates with each community individually to provide barrier-free animal health services. The WHS partners with individuals whose values are in alignment with the WHS. To promote this alignment, we have implemented a mandatory Indigenous Cultural Awareness Training program for all WHS employees and volunteers. This action is the first step for the WHS to continue to promote positive relationships with Indigenous communities as the organization continues to make investments in Indigenous peoples and partnerships.

Indigenous Engagement Policy

The Winnipeg Humane Society strives to be a positive contributor to the overall well-being of Indigenous Peoples and their communities, and is committed to the following:

– Being proactive in employing a qualified workforce that is representative of Indigenous peoples.

– Investing in community programs that support Indigenous cultural awareness, and skills development.

– Relationship building – the WHS commits to building, maintaining, and enhancing relationships with Indigenous communities which includes information sharing, collaboration, and strengthening efforts to share opportunities that facilitate prosperity and growth.

– Approaching all engagements in a constant and culturally appropriate manner.

– Providing long-term, affordable, and sustainable animal wellness care in Indigenous communities.

– Researching each individual community before engagement.