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We are excited to introduce you to March Match presented by Vickar Automotive Group!

You may recall our previous event and campaign for 1001 Donations. We’ve changed the name to better represent exactly what it is…a campaign throughout March where your generous gift will be matched! Any amount you donate this month will be MATCHED up to $70,000 by four generous donors. The deadline is March 31st, so make sure you double your impact before it’s too late.

This month, we will also be sharing some incredible animal stories (like Pegasus’) with you that highlight how YOUR dollars create second chances here at the WHS.

Sick and covered in painful porcupine quills, Pegasus came to the WHS desperately in need of help and healing. After weeks of clinic check-ups and time in foster care, Pegasus fully recovered and found his new forever family. Watch his story to see how your donations can help.

Please make your donation today and help raise $70,000 for animals like Pegasus.

All of the donations we receive this month are being matched dollar-for-dollar, up to $70,000, until March 31st by four generous donors:

Jean Britton & Ransom Slack
In Memory of Bob Dawson
In Memory of Dennis Jobson
Estate of Feliks Krywiel

We hope you’ll consider the Winnipeg Humane Society for your gift, it is greatly needed. So DONATE TODAY and make TWICE the difference.

Thank you in advance, we (and the animals!) appreciate you so much!