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Roan, Landon, and Axel are our three pups in the Distinguished 100 Club, meaning they have been at the Winnipeg Humane Society for over 100 days. They are MORE than ready to cancel their membership and find their forever home. Read their profiles to see if you could be their paw-fect match! 




Meet Roan! 

 Roan is a handsome six-year-old boy. Don’t be fooled by his age though, as he is still young at heart.  

 Roan is a staff and volunteer favourite, and if you meet him, you will see why.  

 Roan loves to make people laugh with his goofy quirks. He may seem a little bit nervous at first, but he will warm up to you fast! 

 In his dog pod, you will likely find Roan singing to himself or trying to have a conversation with you, but he is only asking you to come in and say “hello!” 

 Roan is a very smart dog who loves to learn new tricks. Some of his favourites are shake a paw, lie down, and rollover. 

 Roan likes to spend his free time outside lying in the sun. He loves walks in the park, people-watching, cuddles, and butt scratches.  

 Roan is always happy and lifts everyone’s spirits with his chill and silly energy.  

 Roan’s ideal date would be a car ride where he can stick his head out the window, let his ears blow in the wind, and then get a Starbucks Puppuccino/Pup Cup. 

 Roan would love to be the only dog in his forever home as he can be a bit reactive to other dogs. To help him continue his journey to being the best boy, Roan qualifies for FREE Reactivity 101 classes! 

 Roan has been patiently waiting, but he is ready to be in a loving family. Roan deserves to receive the same amount of love from a family as he gives to everyone else. 


Meet Landon! 

 Landon is a sweet eight-month-old boy whose charming personality makes everyone fall in love with him. 

 Landon is always happy to meet new people. His positive energy and wagging tail will be sure to put a smile on your face. He will likely smile back at you and show his teefs too! 

 A typical day with Landon would be full of love, cuddles, and some much-needed playtime. He loves attention, pets, and of course treats.  

 Landon requires a special diet of hypoallergenic treats and food to help keep him healthy and happy. To help with this, Landon’s adopter will get his food at a lower cost from the WHS Clinic for a year! 

 Landon is silly, fun, and loyal and would love to join a family who is willing to take on his courageous personality. 

 Landon’s ideal date would be at a park where he can run and play, and then back home for some cuddles and a long nap together. 

 Landon grew up at the Winnipeg Humane Society and has been waiting for his forever family to find him. He has so much love to give and is just waiting for the right person to give it to. 

 Anyone would be lucky to receive the love and companionship Landon has to offer.  


Meet Axel! 

 Axel is a friendly one-year-old boy. He may be big, but don’t let his size deter you because he’s really just a big goof!  

 Axel is super sweet and greets everyone with a wagging tail. He is smart and loves to learn new tricks. One of his favourite tricks is to shake a paw with his huge feet. 

 Axel’s favourite food is anything you have in your pocket. He is very food motivated, so you could likely teach him almost anything if he gets a treat for it. 

 In his free time, Axel loves to go on long walks and explore the outdoors where he can play with sticks and grass.  

 Axel gets a little worked up when he sees other dogs but is working hard on his redirection, especially when treats are involved. 

 Axel also qualifies for FREE Reactivity 101 classes to help continue his training and learning! 

 Axel is energetic, so he’s looking for a family who can provide him with a lot of physical exercise and mental stimulation. 

 Axel’s ideal date would be a long walk in the park with a lot of treats. You would be sure to have fun (and likely get drool on you!) with Axel by your side. 

 Axel is ready to find his forever home with someone he can share his love and faithful companionship with. 


If you are interested in adding any of these pups to your family or any of their friends, come see them at our Meet the Distinguished 100 Club adoption event at the shelter (45 Hurst Way) on Friday, April 26 from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Click here for more information about the event.