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The Winnipeg Humane Society (WHS) continues to expand its partnerships with local animal welfare groups with the goal of returning more lost cats to their families. The WHS is working with Winnipeg Missing and Found Cat Watch (WMFCW) in an effort to return lost cats to their homes more efficiently.

In 2015, The WHS admitted 6,044 cats – the most since 2010. The cats arrive at The WHS for a variety of reasons; some are stray, others surrendered. Lost cats also spend time at The WHS while they wait to be reunited with owners. Social media groups like WMFCW on Facebook help The WHS by reuniting lost pets with their owners quicker and without the need to bring them to The WHS.

“By working together, we can achieve our goal in bringing even more cats back home.  This is why our partnership with The Winnipeg Humane Society is so important,” says Marnie Singer from Winnipeg Missing and Found Cat Watch.

The WHS recommends for people who either lose or find a cat to post them on the WMFCW Facebook page.

“Social media groups like Winnipeg Missing and Found Cat Watch are a great benefit to our community,” says WHS CEO Javier Schwersensky. “We are always connected with our phones and computers, so naturally they make a great tool to help more lost cats return home. At the same time, it also reduces the strain we sometimes feel with many incoming cats at one time. We sincerely thank Winnipeg Missing and Found Cat Watch for its work in the community.”

Today’s thank you is the first in a month full of appreciation. The campaign – 30 Days of Gratitude – is The WHS’s way to recognize and show appreciation for the groups and individuals who help The WHS raise funds, care for, and support over 8,500 animals each year.  Each day, a thank you will be posted on The WHS’s Facebook and Twitter feeds.