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The Winnipeg Humane Society protects animals from suffering and promotes their welfare and dignity – including Manitoba wildlife.

Infant squirrels with closed eyes

Squirrels this age do not leave the nest unless they have been abandoned. If you find them away from the nest, put them into a cardboard box with air holes. Keep them in a quiet and warm place, and contact Wildlife Haven.

Squirrels with eyes open, injured

Put the squirrel in a cardboard box with air holes and in a quiet, warm location. Contact Wildlife Haven.

Squirrels with eyes open, uninjured

If the parents are nearby, leave the squirrel alone. If you suspect they’ve been abandoned, monitor the squirrel for a few hours. If no parent is nearby, call Wildlife Haven.

Where to drop off wild life

Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre: 204-878-3740 OR info@wildlifehaven.ca
Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre: 204-510-1855 OR pwrcentre@gmail.com