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Third Party Events Guidelines & Application

We want your fundraising activity to be successful and we will do what we can to help you.

The Winnipeg Humane Society values your support and can provide the following:

– Advice on event planning

– A letter of authorization to validate the authenticity of the event and its organizers

– Assistance in designating your contribution to a specific area of the WHS

– Tax receipts to donors who make cheques payable to “The Winnipeg Humane Society”

For more information, email our Donor Relations Department at or call 204-982-2041.

Third party event guidelines

A Third Party Application Agreement (below) must be completed and submitted to the Winnipeg Humane Society no less than four weeks prior to the proposed fundraising activity. Approval will be granted on a per event/promotion basis. Applicants must reapply annually for approval.

We reserve the right to deny any application for fundraising activity that does not complement the mission of, or project a positive image of the Winnipeg Humane Society.

Permission must be given by the Winnipeg Humane Society to use our name/logo in conjunction with your event or promotion. The Winnipeg Humane Society must approve all publicity prior to distribution. Copies of publicity may be submitted to the Winnipeg Humane Society, Attn: WHS-3rd Party Events, 45 Hurst Way, Winnipeg, MB R3T 0R3 or Fax to: 204-663-9401. We can provide a copy of our logo via email or as camera-ready artwork.

Publicity may not imply that the event is sponsored or co-sponsored by the Winnipeg Humane Society, or that the WHS is involved as anything but as the beneficiary. The event name must be followed by “In support of”, or “Proceeds to” followed by the Winnipeg Humane Society logo.

The public should be informed how the Winnipeg Humane Society will benefit from the event or promotion. If the Winnipeg Humane Society will not receive all of the proceeds, then the exact percentage that benefits the WHS must be stated clearly on all related publicity.

The Winnipeg Humane Society must be notified if another organization will benefit from this event.

If you are doing a raffle, tag day, or other activity that involves selling to the general public, you may need a license. In Winnipeg, call Civic Charities or City of Winnipeg Licensing. In other parts of Manitoba, please check the regulations in your area.

The Winnipeg Humane Society and all related entities are not liable for any injuries sustained by event volunteers or participants related to an event benefiting the WHS, and cannot assume any type of liability for your event.

The Winnipeg Humane Society cannot normally provide volunteers to support a special event. This is an opportunity for your group to help the WHS and the animals that are in our care. However, we do have expertise in various areas where we can assist. Please call 204-988-8811 to speak to WHS Manager, Partnerships & Community Engagement for further information.


Third party event application/agreement



Please indicate below the kind of fundraising activity (ies) you would like to implement on behalf of The WHS:

A. One-Time Special Event

B. Customer-Driven Promotion

C. Employee-Driven Promotion



NOTE: The WHS relies on your donation. It is very important that your donation be submitted to the WHS within 30 days of your event. A break down of your event expenses and profits is required along with your donation.

Please be advised that by publicly naming the WHS as the benefactor of your event or promotion, you are required to donate the amount you have specified on our behalf. The Winnipeg Humane Society is not responsible for any financial losses. We greatly appreciate your support and effort in making a difference!

Donation receipting for tax purposes

  1. The WHS will issue donation receipts for any cash donation. If an individual has made a donation, the receipt will be issued in the name of that individual at their home address. If a corporation has made the donation, and IF a tax receipt is requested, the receipt will be issued in the company name at their corporate address. An individual or corporation cannot receive a donation receipt for money that was not donated by them (i.e. an individual cannot be designated to receive the donation receipt for monies raised through a casual day event).
  2. Gift In Kind Donations (i.e. prizes, product): A donation receipt for income tax purposes can be issued for donations of in-kind equal to the fair market value of the property received. To process in kind donations, the WHS needs a written invoice or other supporting documents that could ascertain the Fair Market Value of the in kind donation.
  3. Goods and services NOT eligible for a donation receipt included purchase of items such as raffle or lottery tickets, admission tickets, golf green fees, and the cost of a donated service. This includes special services that necessitate hiring someone for the event (i.e. tent set-up and entertainment).
  4. If you require a donation receipt to be issued to participants in your event, we ask that you include the WHS charitable number (#11964 7907 RR0002) on all your publicity materials and that you state “tax receipts will be issued for donations of $10 or more, or on request”. After the event, in a timely manner, please provide the WHS with a list (be sure that the information is legible), of names, full addresses including postal codes and phone number (s), and the amount of gift that each individual is to be receipted.
  5. Corporation or business that agree to sponsor an event will receive an invoice or Thank-You letter from the WHS that would enable them to claim back the full amount of their sponsorship as a marketing expense.
  6. For fundraising events such as a dinner, auction and golf tournament, a tax receipt may be issued for the entry fee less the “cost per person to put on the event”. However, the cost amount can not exceed 80% of the entry fee.