Petsecure’s plans can help with the cost of dental care

Many pet insurance companies offer some form of dental coverage in their plans. But, it’s important to know that the coverage isn’t always created equal. Petsecure is a Winnipeg Humane Society partner and all new adoptions receive a free insurance trial before committing to a full insurance policy. But you can get the added comfort of knowing your pet is covered for dental care when you purchase your long-term plan. Here are some of the reasons why Petsecure’s dental coverage isn’t an add-on meant to sell you a plan, but it’s truly beneficial to the health of your pet. What … Continued

Roger, who was rescued by K9 Advocates after being caught in a leg hold trap for numerous days.

The Reality of Trapping: Meet The Non-Target Victims

Earlier this month, Winnipeg Humane Society supporters were devastated to learn of Ruby, the dog that slowly suffocated after being caught in a conibear trap. Last week, our organization was alerted of yet another dog, named Frankie, who also tragically suffocated to death by a snare trap near the St. Norbert area just outside of the city. We wish we could say the tragedies ended there, however late last week, local dog rescue group K9 Advocates Manitoba announced the rescue of Roger, another dog who had his leg caught in a leg-hold trap within Manitoba, and was estimated to be … Continued

2021 January MVP: Margaret Krupa (Behaviour – Dogs Team)

Margaret Krupa has turned a lifelong love of dogs into more than 13 years as a volunteer Canine Behaviour Assistant at the Humane Society. In fact, weather notwithstanding, coming in has been very enjoyable. Furthermore, the opportunity to come in and walk with the dogs has helped her get through the pandemic. “Coming here has been very good and very therapeutic for me,” she explained. “People think we’re great because we do the dog walking, but the animals give so much back to us. I so enjoy my days when I go in.” “Three days a week I’m out for … Continued

WHS Kids Program Blitz

The Education Department has some exciting deals for you for the next two weeks! Take advantage of these amazing offers. Deals expire on February 16th, 2021, so prebook your program now! Please note bookings must be made directly through the Education Department to receive these deals. All offers must be used by January 1st, 2022 *exception made for birthday parties. Kidz Club Membership: 50% off the total membership fee. WHS Drop-In Center: Our regular drop-in fee is $30, and with this offer you pay $15! WHS In Your School: 50% off all lesson plans including Pet Empathy and … Continued

2020 December MVP: Kurt Clyde

Shortly after retiring as a lawyer for the federal government in 2014, Kurt Clyde realized that he had to find something to do with his new-found spare time, so he chose the Winnipeg Humane Society. The WHS answered many of the ‘nice to haves’ for a retiree. It let him expand his life-long love of animals, he got to meet people and the location was perfect – a 15-minute walk from home, door to door. He’d actually had a brief interaction as dog walker at the former location on Kent Street, “but because the location was so far from where … Continued

Winnipeg Humane Society Welcomes Familiar Face as New CEO

WINNIPEG, January 12 –The Board of Directors of The Winnipeg Humane Society (WHS) are pleased to announce that Jessica Miller has joined the WHS as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Her official start date is February 15th, 2021. Miller is not new to the WHS, having served on the Board of Directors since 2018 and being a past WHS employee. An inspirational leader, Miller brings key strengths in planning, providing strategic direction, leveraging partnerships, and mentoring teams to the WHS. “I cannot express the gratitude I feel to join an organization that lives the mission and vision of compassion,” said Miller, who … Continued

How to Prevent Your Pet from Becoming Overweight

As the Investigation and Emergency Response (I/ER) department, we are actively involved in ensuring the health and welfare of all domestic companion animals. This includes ensuring that they are provided with all necessary medical attention, as well as adequate sources of food and water. Often, people will assume that our concerns are only for pets who are being provided with a less than adequate amount of food but that is not always the case. A huge misconception that the department often experiences is that overweight animals are “more cared for” and therefore viewed as healthier. Overweight Animals It is hard … Continued

How to Prevent Your Pet from Becoming Underweight

The Investigations and Emergency Response Department have previously touched base on the risk of obesity in pets, but now it is time to focus on underweight animals. While the I/ER department typically tend to see more overweight animals than underweight ones, it is still an important topic to discuss. Underweight animals can experience a number of health problems so it is essential for owners to be aware of what an appropriate weight for the animal should be. Much like overweight animals, animals who are underweight pose a concern. If you notice that your animal has rapidly lost weight, it is … Continued

WHS 2020 Holiday Closure

Every year the Winnipeg Humane Society closes for the statutory holidays, to ensure our staff receive a small break. This year, we are pleased to extend our holiday closure as a special thank you to our dedicated staff. COVID-19 has made shelter work more challenging and complex.  Although we cannot eliminate entirely the stress and uncertainty we are facing, we want to take a proactive step to support the well-being of our staff and make a significant gesture to show our gratitude, care and concern. Our 2020 holiday schedule will be as follows: Thursday December 24th – Closed Friday December 25th – … Continued